13-year-old Bonnie and her two best friends, Henry, and Freddie had no idea that a magical world existed in real life. At least, not until they decided to test a scientific gadget that projected them into another dimension of time and space. And now, the three youths are caught in a timeframe much different from their own and have no idea on how to get back home.

   The three teenagers are stranded in the Otherworld, a realm made up of medieval myths and legends. A place thought to exist only in mythology. There is only one person who might be able to help them. His name is Master Armac, an eccentric hermit who lives in a cave at the foot of the Alset mountains. But before Bonnie and her friends can find him, they must travel a long, perilous journey through the Elfin Forest where all sorts of evil beast and sorcery await them.

   There is only one person that can lead them to the hermit; he is a tall knight in shining armor. But the knight isn't a real person, as they soon find out, and the medieval hero is losing his memory.

   This story is an adventure of the mind, a tale set in a world where wild things roam in the shapes of fantastic beasts, and magic is everywhere.

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                          Ted Lampron


"This novel is perfect for the young fantasy lover" 
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